Inspiring Kids to Read and Succeed

ReadUP is a community reading club for kids of all ages who are learning to read, many of whom are at risk of falling behind. We’re based in neighbourhoods where books and reading are sometimes an unaffordable luxury. ReadUP is free.

What makes ReadUP different? We match the books to each child’s skill level.
They take them home, practise, then come back for more. ReadUP relies on community grants and donations from corporations and individuals. We were founded in 2005, became a non-profit in 2012, and a registered charity in 2014. ReadUP has grown to seven clubs throughout Toronto, handing out thousands of books over the last ten years to hundreds of children. When kids feel like they are readers, they want to read more. It’s a formula for success, and success at reading is a well-known predictor of success in life.