Our Friends

So many people have supported ReadUP over the years and we are truly grateful for their help. The centres that host the clubs have been wonderfully accommodating and committed. The organizations and individuals who have donated money to buy books have enabled us to expand the clubs, and we couldn’t have done any of it without the 100 or more people who have volunteered to read with the children each week. We’re also grateful to those who have helped in other ways—by donating books and stickers for the children, by letting us know about great book sales, by providing legal, accounting, photography, editing, design, and website services for little or no fee, and the list goes on. Special thanks, also, to our amazing Board of Directors.

Here are the individuals who have made ReadUP possible.
We offer our sincere thanks for their support.

Courtney Agro
Humzah Ahmed
Omar Ahmed
Jim Allen
Cheyenne Alvis
Dan Ammendolia
Iman Arays Laylon
Rauf Azimov
Neala Barton
Laura Beaune
Lou Biasin
Jill Bever
Julia Bloomfield
David Booth
Paul Borchardt
Beatrice Brobbey
Darrell Brown
Chris Brozny
Anna Camara
Lara Caplan
Sylvia Chan
Chris Chlasciak
Victoria Cirone
Marie Clarke
Daniel Colangelo
Mark Cressman
Catherine Currie
Derek Currie
Sabrina Dawe
Michelle Depford
Nina Dragicevic
Christie Dunbar
Dorothy Engelman
Roslyn Eskind
Lucia Gambetti-Bracco
Michael Gardner
Nicole Gardner
Nicholas Gardner
Paul Gardner
Samuel Gardner
Suzy Gardner
Meseret & Valerie Gilbert
Genevieve Heineman
Cathy Henry
Jamie Henry
Jill Hewlett
Anna Holland
Philip Holland
Daniel Jowlabar
Gary Karn
Colin Katihabwa
Norma Kennedy
Maureen Kenny
Jessie Kerr-Lawson
Lilian Kim
Nikole Kritikos
Elaine Kwok
Mark Lasso
Shahla Lafeer
Mary Lemke
Alex Li
Amanda Li
Rebeka Ly
Steve MacConnell
Jennifer Macdonald
Cathy Mackay
Thea MacNeil
Greg Magirescu
Gary Mansbridge
Rose Marie Montinat
Carol Martin
Jesse McDonald
Jim McDonald
Deborah Mensah-Bonsu
Barb Miller
Shanta Mitchell
Joanne Murphy
Susan Neal
Brian Ng
Alexandra Ntoukas
Christopher O’Shaughnessy
George Patsopoulos
Jean Paul Palmentier
Dave Pennett
Denise Pennett
Sueanne Pham
Malvina Przybylak
Julia Purdy
Catherine Qi
Mary Qiu
Sean Qiu
Christine Rambukkana
Allan Reid
Jack Reid
Sam Reid
Jody Michelle Rempel
Daniel Rikely
Janine Rikely
Ereka Roach
Cindy Robinson
Heidi Roeder
Harold Ross
Lori Ross
Dianne Scott
Debbie Smith
Louise Smith
Shirley Ann Spiteri
Julie Sutherland
Helen Tang
Alvin Thai
Anson Thai
Melody Thompson
Kim Toffan
Helen Toliver
Rob Tran
Crystal Tuvshin
Karen Walmsley
Carol Wiggins
Ailsa Wiggins
Ian Wiggins
Bev Wolfus
Jill Worthy
Christine Yee
Paul Yee
Mahammed Zakarie
Debbie Zwicker


Here are the organizations from the grass roots up who have made
ReadUP possible.
Thank you for making a difference in the community!

Alterna Savings
Chris Bosh Foundation (Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada)
Daniel Rikely Photography
Duke of Connaught Public School
Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre
Equinox Holistic Alternative School
Equinox Holistic Alternative School Council
Hope Center
Joanne Murphy Design
Loblaws – Leslie and Lakeshore
MaRS Discovery District
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Parent Resources Drop-In Centre
Q Media Solutions
Red Door Family Shelter
Riverdale Kiwanis
Riverdale Readers Inc.
Riverdale Share Community Association
Roden Junior Public School
Roslyn Eskind Associates Limited
Volunteer Canada
WXN – Women’s Executive Network